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What are Delayed-Release Capsules?

Delayed-release capsules are thick capsules with an interlock mechanism that helps hold the capsule together longer in the harsh environment of the stomach. This, in addition to the selection of hardy probiotic strains, helps to ensure more targeted delivery of the probiotics where they are most active—in the intestines. When choosing a probiotic supplement, it may be helpful for you to know.


Some basic facts about the delivery of probiotics. Sure, you know you need to swallow the capsule—but what happens next is just as important.


Why Delayed-Release Capsules are More Effective

To understand why delayed-release capsules are a great way to take probiotics, it helps to understand the path probiotics take to get to the intestines. Probiotics exert their beneficial effects primarily in both the small and large intestine. However, to reach the intestines, they must pass through the stomach, which is a highly acidic environment. By nature, stomach acidity is designed to inhibit bacteria so that they cannot survive. This protective mechanism helps safeguard us from potentially harmful microorganisms, but it’s not helpful when it comes to the delivery of beneficial bacteria—or probiotics—into the intestines, where they are most active.


Individual probiotic strains can vary in their ability to survive stomach acid. Some are hardier than others. When formulating a probiotic supplement, it is important to select hardy probiotic strains. But the protection doesn’t stop with strain selection. Ultimate Flora Probiotics delayed-release vegetable capsules offer extra protection against stomach acid when compared to standard capsules.