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What Are Probiotics And Why Do I Need Them?

Up to 80 percent of your body's natural defenses can be found in your digestive tract.
There are literally trillions of bacteria in the human digestive tract. Some are beneficial, some are harmful, and some are neutral. Probiotics are the good type of bacteria that help balance the intestinal flora in order to keep you healthy.

Aren't Bacteria Bad For Me?

There are many different types of bacteria, and we often hear about the harmful types. However, some types of bacteria—such as probiotics—are good for you and provide many health benefits for your digestive system and your whole body.

How Do Probiotics Work?

Probiotics are microorganisms that provide a health benefit when consumed in adequate amounts. When beneficial and harmful types of bacteria are out of balance in the digestive system, probiotics or "good" bacteria can restore the balance. Probiotics help populate the intestines to balance the microbial environment.

What Are The Benefits Of Probiotics?

Probiotics provide numerous benefits for the whole body. By working to maintain a balanced intestinal environment, they enhance digestion and help prevent occasional digestive upset. They also help to ferment soluble fiber in the gut, which in turn produces a short-chain fatty acid called butyric acid that helps to nourish healthy colon cells and promote bowel regularity.

Probiotics are also vital to a healthy immune system because they produce compounds and acids that help support the growth of good bacteria in the gut. Further, probiotics help your body absorb valuable nutrients from food during the digestive process and play a key role in manufacturing needed vitamins, including vitamin B12 and vitamin K.

Why Do I Need To Take A Probiotic Supplement?

Everyday factors such as diet, stress, travel, and even the use of some medications can offset the balance of healthy bacteria in your digestive tract. When this happens, it can lead to intestinal issues such as occasional diarrhea and constipation, and impact overall immune health. Taking a daily probiotic supplement can help replenish good bacteria and restore a healthy bacterial balance.

Can't I Just Get Probiotics From Food?

While it is possible to consume probiotic bacteria in fermented milk products such as yogurt, kefir, and cottage cheese, as well as fermented vegetables such as sauerkraut and soybeans (miso), some of these products do not contain enough probiotic cultures or the correct strains to provide health benefits. Moreover, the individual amounts of given strains are not listed on the packaging of yogurt products; one must contact the manufacturer to get this information. Also, while live probiotic bacteria can occur naturally in nonpasteurized foods, most dairy products are pasteurized in the United States; supplementation of these products with good bacteria can be beneficial.

Are High Potency Probiotics Safe?

Probiotics are safe at high doses. In animals models, which are the standard for safety studies of high dosage, no lethal dose has been achievable. Multi-strain probiotics have been safely consumed at levels well over 900 billion live cultures per day in humans.†

Are Probiotics Safe For Children?

Yes. Infants actually receive their first beneficial bacteria during the birthing process, and supplying additional probiotics throughout the early years has been shown to provide significant benefits for overall digestive and immune health. Look for products specifically made for children. Powdered formulas and chewable tablets are available for infants and toddlers.

Do Specific Strains Of Probiotics Benefit Certain Parts Of The Digestive Tract More Than Others?

Lactobacillus strains are the most prevalent bacteria in the small intestine, and Bifido - bacterium strains are most prevalent in the colon (large intestine). A good rule of thumb is to look for a multiple strain probiotic with lots of L's for the little (small) intestine, and B's for the big (large) intestine.

How Do I Choose A Probiotic Supplement?

Clinical trials have shown that the strain and the quantity of bacteria are the key factors to consider when choosing a probiotic. Consumers are urged to look for clinically proven probiotics produced by reputable manufacturers. Trials of certain strains of lactobacilli and bifidobacteria, for example, have provided evidence of their ability to help restore the balance of healthy bacteria in the digestive system and aid with a range of GI disorders. When shopping for an effective probiotic supplement, consumers should read labels carefully to ensure the following:

Are All Probiotics Equal?

No. Recent research has revealed that different strains of probiotics are unique in their effects on the body. Experts believe the benefits of probiotics depend on the type and dose of strain. They recommend that all probiotic strains be independently tested and evaluated.

Do Probiotics Stimulate The Immune System?

It appears so. The intestinal tract is associated with up to 80 percent of the body's immune system, and promoting gut health helps strengthen your body's immune health. Some bacterial strains have been shown to improve the integrity of the gut lining and promote immune health.

Can Probiotic Supplements Cause Side Effects?

Yes, in some people, probiotics can cause gas and bloating. If you decrease your daily dose for at least one week by taking your probiotic every other day instead of daily, or by taking half a capsule daily (open capsule and take with liquid), the symptoms will subside as your digestive tract adjusts to a new balance so that you can resume normal daily dosing.

Are There Other Important Things To Look For In A Probiotic?





What Is Ultimate Flora?

Ultimate Flora are natural high-potency probiotic supplements formulated to help replenish good bacteria in your digestive tract. When taken daily, Ultimate Flora probiotics can help promote a healthy digestive system, restore regularity, and promote immune health.*

Is Ultimate Flora A Drug/Medication?

No, Ultimate Flora is a dietary supplement made with naturally-occurring probiotic cultures. It is not a drug or a medication.

Should I Only Take Ultimate Flora When I Have Digestive Problems?

While Ultimate Flora may be taken to help with a particular digestive issue such as occasional constipation, for best results you should take Ultimate Flora on a daily basis to maintain optimal digestion and overall health.*

Is Ultimate Flora Just For Constipation?

No. Because Ultimate Flora works to help restore and maintain a solid foundation of digestive health, it can also help address a broad range of digestive issues, including occasional diarrhea, irritable bowel, and gas and bloating.

How Is Ultimate Flora Different Than Other Popular Probiotic Supplements?

Ultimate Flora's high culture count sets it apart from other probiotic supplements available, ensuring at least 10 billion active cultures per convenient single-capsule serving. It also provides 10 different beneficial probiotic strains in every dose—including Bifidobacteria and Lactobacilli strains.†

Our unique delayed release system helps probiotics resist stomach acid.

Why Does Your Website Say That Ultimate Flora Has Not Been Evaluated By The FDA?

Ultimate Flora is a dietary supplement, not a drug. The Food and Drug Administration requires most dietary supplements that make statements about benefitting a structure or function of the human body (such as promoting digestive and immune health) to include this standard warning or “disclaimer” under the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act, or DSHEA.

How Often Should I Take Ultimate Flora?

For best results, take one capsule daily with or without food.

What Happens If I Miss A Dose of Ultimate Flora?

Although Ultimate Flora is most effective when taken regularly (on a daily basis), you don’t need to be concerned or double up if you miss a dose. Simply take the normal dose as usual the next day to maintain a healthy digestive system.

Can I Take Ultimate Flora With Medication?

We recommend consulting your physician before taking Ultimate Flora if you are taking medication(s). Some medications (such as antibiotics) may reduce the effectiveness of Ultimate Flora. For best results we also recommend taking dietary supplements such as Ultimate Flora at a different time during the day than other supplements and/or medications.

What Is The Source Of Ultimate Flora's Probiotics?

The source and cultivation (long-term, sustained growth) of probiotics is a highly guarded trade secret by most raw material suppliers, due to the high cost of research, development and cultivation of the various strains. However, we are able to share that Ultimate Flora’s strains were originally isolated from living human, dairy, and plant sources. The oldest strain has been cultivated since the 1930s. In order to prevent allergies, these strains (including the ones originally sourced from dairy) are not cultivated (grown) with known allergens. This ensures ReNew Life's probiotics are Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free as well as being free of salt, binders, fillers and artificial ingredients. The most important aspect to remember is that all of Ultimate Flora’s strains are naturally found in the healthy human intestinal tract and have many well researched short and long-term health benefits.

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